Our People

Fraser Bruford

Interiors Manager


With his rich expertise and friendly personality, Fraser brings a certain charisma to our team. Coming from years of industry experience, he developed a strong foundation of knowledge across eight years working in the Carter Holt Harvey Group. In addition, he also carries three years of specialisation in high-end residential construction for architectural homes. During these earlier working years, Fraser had dealt with Savory on occasion and always admired our close-knit team environment. So when given the chance to jump on board he took the offer with excitement.

Today, positioned as our Interiors Manager, Fraser continues to meet every project with enthusiasm. Quality-driven and passionate about problem-solving, he strives to see every task completed to a high standard. In his spare time, you can expect to find him working on his own home, spending quality time with his wife and kids, or heading out for a day on the boat.