Our People

Scott Ardley

Site Manager

Scott has been in the construction industry his entire working life. It’s his passion, his place, and where many of his friends and family work too. In fact, it was his father who once worked at Savory as a Quantity Surveyor who encouraged him to join - “you won’t go wrong at Savory, son”. With those words, he soon became part of our team where he went on to develop his career in building.

When you work with Scott, it’s impossible not to be perked up by his humour and happy nature. But despite these positive qualities, he’s best known for his dedication and years of expertise; because at the end of the day, Scott is always striving to achieve the best completion. Being able to stand back and say, with pride, “we built that”. That’s what makes it all worth it for him. It’s also this same moment which motivates him to begin working on what’s up next. And when he’s not working? He’s outside on the farm or hunting.