Auckland Council Manukau Hub

Auckland Council Manukau Hub

Project Summary

This iconic refurbishment project is a comprehensive upgrade of the MCC tower, spanning all eight levels and adjoining airbridge with the East Annex. The project aims to modernise the council office tower with new end-of-trip facilities, such as electric vehicle (EV) chargers and bicycle parks, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options. The tower also received upgraded mechanical servicing throughout each floor, bringing the building up to date.

The construction of the new West Annex component of the project includes the installation of a sophisticated two-storey curtain wall glazing system, transforming the building’s exterior with a sleek, modern look. The construction of glass façade systems on Levels 1 and 2 further accentuates the building form while allowing natural light to permeate the interior spaces. Additionally, the project encompasses the comprehensive supply, installation, and commissioning of critical infrastructure services, including HVAC, water, gas, fire protection, electrical, and data systems. This holistic approach ensures that all essential services are seamlessly integrated, resulting in a high-performance, energy-efficient building that meets the needs of both current and future users.

Photography by Mark Scowen


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Manukau, Auckland

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